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January 7, 2016

Artists need to stick their necks out: Exclusive interview with The #GlasgowEffect’s Ellie Harrison


January 25, 2013

“Grazing Horses” Canter Into Grand Central Terminal This March


Over a year ago, the art world was lit up by a mesmerizing gallery show from the artist Nick Cave. For Now at the Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea featured Cave’s “daring and iconic Soundsuits – hybrid sculptural forms based on the scale of the Artist’s body,” which he called a “psychedelic, functified freak show that is an accumulation of the decades from the perspective of voodoo woo-loo.” Now, in just two months, he’ll have his first public art installation at Grand Central Terminal. more

January 11, 2013

Marcus Coates


‘…you can’t escape your humanness, but the point of my work has been to explore the degrees to which you can test that boundary and entertain the possibility of becoming something else.’ more

January 10, 2013

Slinkachu’s street art, ‘Concrete Ocean’


The street artist known only as Slinkachu has been abandoning little people on the streets of London since 2006.  His first project, ‘Little People in the City’, saw minature men, women and children living their lives on the streets of London and was immortalised in the 2008 book entitled Little People in the City”. Since then, Slinkachu has done a number of other projects, notably ‘Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow’ which documented the decline of a tiny, middleaged and balding super-hero on the streets of London and ‘Inner City Snail – a slow moving street art project’ which saw Slinkachu ‘customising’ a number of London snails which then presumably went about their business none the wiser. more

January 10, 2013

Garscube Landscape Link – The Phoenix Flowers


The brief was to transform an urban pedestrian underpass from an unsafe and unpleasant space to a bright, spacious and safe connection to north Glasgow. The original underpass was designed as part of the construction of the M8 Motorway which cuts through the centre of Glasgow effectively severing the north of the city from the city centre. This severing has seen reduced investment in the north of the city with low rise, lost cost light industrial uses appearing in the voids left after the extensive demolition carried to construct the motorway. more


Call it the Garscube Link, the Phoenix Flowers or the Metal Petals; the improvements to this route are attracting many names! Funding from the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Enterprise enabled this £3.5M project aimed at improving links between the canal and the City Centre. The metal petals were inspired by the former Phoenix Park that was lost to the area when the M8 was built.

This important new public realm development is about re-connecting North Glasgow back to the city centre for pedestrians and cyclists. more

January 10, 2013

Ruth Barker: Cowcaddens Underpass


Once it was infamous for its graffiti, but the Cowcaddens underpass has been transformed with a series of screen prints by artist, Ruth Barker.

The Cowcaddens pedestrian underpass, recognised as a key link point between Glasgow City Centre and the Canal, is now home to a new artwork that aims to raise awareness of the ongoing regeneration of the canal.

Called “The shores of the familiar”, Ruth Barker’s artwork has radically altered the Cowcaddens underpass, making it a much more effective and attractive route
between the canal and the city. more

January 31, 2012

Marcus Coates: Shamanism and anthropomorphism; public art and ‘getting back to nature’

‘Why do cats understand what you say?’ ‘Where does hair go when you go bald?’ ‘How can the city control illegal bicycle parking?’ These are just some of the questions that Marcus Coates has attempted to answer by descending into the ‘lower world’ and consulting the birds and animals that he encounters there. Usually they respond in cryptic clues; uncharacteristic behaviour is what he is looking out for, which he then does his best to interpret for his audience on his return. more…..

January 19, 2012

Is the future social? Interview with Sonia Boyce


Can you describe the ‘social’ in arts practice and how this concept informed the Future is Social experience?

The interconnectedness of art with the world is important to me. In my formative art training I was taught by feminist artist Margaret Harrison, who placed great value in these connections of where the social content and the aesthetic form meet. Her work, along with other feminist artists of that time, introduced me to the possibility of art making as a comment about, and even having an impact on, the world around us to create a possibility for change.

Re-reading your question, I think you are asking me ‘why’ is the social an important focus for art, and my immediate response is to look back to a moment in art practice which seemed to promise the possibility of art changing our perceptions of social relations and value and political agency (including its aesthetics). I think I still have that utopian ambition. more………….

October 7, 2011

David Nash

Some fantastic Documentation at David Nash’s workshops in Blaenau Ffestiniog between September 2008 and January 2010. more

February 22, 2011

Aeneas Wilder: Untitled # 88

January 5, 2011

Aeneas Wilder: Disturbed Silence

The installation Untitled # 151 was commissioned both as part of the exhibition and as a permanent public art piece within the grounds of the Psychiatric Centre. The work consists of a spherical structure with an opening, allowing the public to enter into the structure and enjoy/use the interior space