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January 31, 2012

Marcus Coates: Shamanism and anthropomorphism; public art and ‘getting back to nature’

‘Why do cats understand what you say?’ ‘Where does hair go when you go bald?’ ‘How can the city control illegal bicycle parking?’ These are just some of the questions that Marcus Coates has attempted to answer by descending into the ‘lower world’ and consulting the birds and animals that he encounters there. Usually they respond in cryptic clues; uncharacteristic behaviour is what he is looking out for, which he then does his best to interpret for his audience on his return. more…..

January 19, 2012

Is the future social? Interview with Sonia Boyce


Can you describe the ‘social’ in arts practice and how this concept informed the Future is Social experience?

The interconnectedness of art with the world is important to me. In my formative art training I was taught by feminist artist Margaret Harrison, who placed great value in these connections of where the social content and the aesthetic form meet. Her work, along with other feminist artists of that time, introduced me to the possibility of art making as a comment about, and even having an impact on, the world around us to create a possibility for change.

Re-reading your question, I think you are asking me ‘why’ is the social an important focus for art, and my immediate response is to look back to a moment in art practice which seemed to promise the possibility of art changing our perceptions of social relations and value and political agency (including its aesthetics). I think I still have that utopian ambition. more………….